2022 Product Announcement

Meet keeb: Experience Magic

The keeb SR65 is designed to encourage expression with a typing experience that keeps users comfortable, engaged, and in control. Our keeb is a love letter to the gaming and keyboard-enthusiast communities alike.


2022 Product Announcement

Meet eclipse HG10: Experience Audio

Charge Less, Play More. The HG10 is a competition-grade wireless gaming headset designed to last late into the day or night.

2022 Product Announcement

Meet the Y60: Experience Creation

Forget everything you knew about PC building; it’s time for the GPU to take center stage.

Experience Magic with the keeb SR65


Connect to Custom

Designed with enthusiast-grade components for maximum performance and customization.

Choose your typing experience


3 different switch options, for your preferred sound and feel. Our hot swappable board allows you to change them out at any time, without soldering



With an internal sound-dampening silicone mat and suspended gasket mount engineered to mute stray pings and rattles, the keeb produces the cleanest typing sounds based on your preference.

You’re in control


Program keys and plan your custom layout in an overstuffed 65% form factor

Accelerate your play


Giant dual scroll wheels are independently programmable, offering separate channel control over audio, video, lighting, and so much more.

keeb-sr65 keeb-sr65

Introducing RGB 2.0 - Light in Motion

Go beyond basic RGB, and discover lighting you truly love. With RGB 2.0 through HYTE nexus, you’ll be able to customize your devices like never before.

  • Magic, at your fingertips - 138 bursts of brilliant LED light create beautifully diffused light shows through keeb’s frosted polycarbonate base.
  • Intelligently adapts to your display - Our light shows are matched to your media, creating ambient effects powered by AI-learning that envelop your desk in light.
  • Stunning details - light blades inspired by modern architecture punctuate keeb’s lighting effects

Sound Tests and keeb Unboxing

Coming soon! Follow us on socials or join our town halls to stay up to date.

Experience Audio with the eclipse HG10


Charge Less, Play More.

The HG10 is a competition-grade wireless gaming headset designed to last late into the day or night.

Vibe Check

All of the features you want, in a clean, simple design.

Battery Life

30 hrs

Play all day - 30-hour battery life, so you stay focused

Wireless Transmission

2.4 GHz

No wires. Just connection. - Competition-grade 2.4 GHz wireless transmission

Modern Aesthetic​

Sleek Style

Lunar gray color and sleek matte finish elevate any style.

keeb-sr65 keeb-sr65

Free and Clear

The sound quality you want, without the gimmicks.

  • Your voice is all that matters – High-quality unidirectional microphone captures you perfectly
  • Charge and play convenience​ - So nothing slows you down.
  • Precision sound - High fidelity neodymium drivers​ are tuned specifically for the human hearing range from 20hz to 20kHz.

Experience Creation with the Y60


The Modern Aesthetic

The Y60 is an innovative genesis of an open ATX Mid-Tower chassis that celebrates your favorite hardware and hides the rest.

  • Uncompromising beauty - Our included PCIE 4.0 riser cable delivers exclusively vertical GPU placement (we know you want to show it off)
  • Panoramic views - The Y60 features a never-before-seen faceted glass profile, for the ultimate photo and display potential.
  • Antechamber construction - Segment cables from thermal components, and turn your PC into a work of art.
  • As cool as it looks - Our “cold-floor” design eliminates hot spots with sweeping lateral vents
  • Seen, not heard - Flow FE12 fans with fluid-dynamic bearings provide whisper-quiet operation