"Let's Game" Desk Pad

"Let's Game" Desk Pad

CNVS Analog Desk Pad Series

Artist Spotlight: PokeyPokums
PokeyPokums, or Pokey for short, is a freelance artist, small business owner, and content creator based in California, who loves to make a variety of illustrations and merchandise of things she enjoys! Pokey’s works are heavily inspired by video games, Japanese animation, and things that make her happy! She really loves Pikachu and playing games with friends and her community. She always strives to bring positivity wherever she goes, and hopes that her illustrations also does the same!

Introducing the CNVS Analog Collection! iBUYPOWER and HYTE team up to support and spotlight emerging artists from around the world in an exclusive Anime Expo 2022 limited-run desk pad series. Give your desktop peripherals a proper anime-inspired landing spot with your choice of six different anime art themes to choose from—all inked on the silky smooth HYTE DP900 performance desk pad. Shop now and get your Season One CNVS Analog desk pad before it’s too late!

The size of the desk pad is 900 x 400 mm and the 28 SPI (Stitches Per Square Inch) creates a silky smooth surface for your mouse to glide like a world-class ice skater.

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Very Good

Reviewed on 12/15/2022

Almost like having a really nice poster for your mouse and keyboard. Really soft too.