hololive Gamers Capture the Moment Keycaps

hololive GAMERS Capture the Moment Keycaps

hololive Limited Edition Product


ALL Capture the Moment Keycap Set purchases include FOUR additional interchangeable keycaps with a collectible switch keychain base featuring unique designs for each of the hololive GAMERS... while supplies last!

A massive array of novelty keys meant for ANSI, JIS and UK/ISO formats to fit worldwide keyboard layouts including 60%, 65%, 75%, TKL, and full-size keyboards with coverage for 6.25u and 4.5u spacebars

Capture YOUR moment for all Sucorns, Mio-fams, Onigiris, and Koronesukis and celebrate a piece of 5th fes history with the Limited Edition hololive GAMERS - Capture the Moment themed Keycap set! #hololivefesEXPO24

Why We Made This:

  • Official concert keycap merchandise made available for fans exclusively by HYTE x hololive
  • One of a kind Capture the Moment pastel colorway: Ice Blue, Lilac, and Blush Pink
  • Featuring signature and iconic artwork of all 4 hololive GAMERS talents, including Shirakami Fubuki's "Meme Queen" crown, Ookami Mio's bell ornament, Nekomata Okayu's collar charm, Inugami Korone's chocolate cornet, and more!

About the Product:

  • Profile: Cherry profile, MX-compatible keycaps
  • Materials: Dye-sublimated PBT plastic
  • Base Kit Compatibility: 142 caps, fits majority of all keyboard layouts including 60%, 65%, 75%, TKL, and full-size keyboards with coverage for 6.25u and 4.5u spacebars
  • Compatible with ANSI, UK/ISO and JIS layout
  • BONUS COLLECTIBLE: One (1) RGB Switch Keychain Base with FOUR (4) interchangeable additional keycaps

Pre-order and Delivery Date Information:

  • Limited time pre-order
  • Shipment and deliveries are expected per group in waves
  • This product bundle is a pre-order and pre-order terms and conditions apply. Estimated dates and shipment waves are estimates only and are subject to change due to logistics, production, and other delays. By purchasing this bundle, you are acknowledging these conditions and for any inquiries, cancellations, or refund requests, please refer to our detailed FAQ.

Authenticity Guarantee

Since 2022, HYTE has pledged authenticity for officially licensed anime, gaming, pop-culture and VTuber merchandise. Every item in the HYTE Collections series goes through an intensive vetting and approval process by the rightful owners of the intellectual property, ensuring that even the tiniest details come to life.

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