HYTE CNVS RGB Gaming mouse pad with 50 lighting zones

Hyper Beast 2 Limited Edition CNVS

Intense Play Mat

Artist Spotlight: Brock Hofer

Brock Hofer is a full time illustrator based out of east coast Canada. From an early age he was always interested in art, drawing with whatever materials he could get his hands on. That creative drive grew over the years, jumping from pen and paper into Photoshop and turned an after work hobby into a full fledged career. For the past 6 years he has worked professionally illustrating neon infused monsters for clients all over the world.

What's Included:

  • CNVS Play Mat
  • Detachable USB-C to USB-C Cable
  • USB-C to dual USB-A Adapter
  • Quick-Start Guide

Pre-order and Delivery Date information:

  • Limited Time pre-order (single production run only)
  • Shipment and deliveries are expected per group in waves
  • This product bundle is a pre-order and pre-order terms and conditions apply. Estimated dates and shipment waves are estimates only and are subject to change due to logistics, production and other delays. By purchasing this bundle, you are acknowledging these conditions and for any inquiries, cancellations or refund requests, please refer to our detailed FAQ.

Product Features

50-Pixel qRGB Array

Industry leading brightness with 50 high fidelity per pixel lighting zones. Be immersed in life with new qRGB performance and <50ms latency for blistering fast screen-mirroring and more.

Massive Size

Coming in at 900 x 370mm size for full desktop and peripheral vision coverage with enough space for a full size keyboard and mouse.

Peak Superlubricity Surface

Super slick soft polyester surface minimizes friction for fasts and precise mouse movement. CNVS has a non-slip polyurethane rubber bottom preventing it from moving once placed.

Perpetual Edge Lighting

No blockers. An incognito control box blends into the light ring around the edge of the mat for a continuous band of light around CNVS.

Fused 7-Layer Soft Mat

Multi-layer construction ensures the best combination of a soft, compliant surface, with smooth lighting and durability.

Water Resistant and Easy to Clean

CNVS’ top surface is treated to resist spills and stains and can be easily wiped clean if spills happen.

Powered by Nexus with a 3-Year Warranty

Get the most out of CNVS with HYTE Nexus software—personal experience software to unlock all of our qRGB enabled HYTE products.

Tech Specs


900 mm x 370 mm


5 mm


1.75 kg

Surface Material

Soft Polyester

Base Material

Polyurethane Rubber

Power Draw

DC 5V ~ 1.8A 9W


USB C Input

System Requirements

A PC With Windows 10 or newer 1x USB Type-C or 2x USB Type-A

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