Keeb TKL Modern Human Interface

Keeb TKL

Modern Human Interface

Why We Made This

  • Expression should feel rewarding
  • The keyboard community totally loves us!
  • Flappy-Paddle Media Keys floating on Tactile Blues make every skipped track sound like the Danger Zone
  • Our gasket mounted Fluffy Lavenders are lubed up and ready to dampen thunderous blows as you skid into our DMs with specification corrections like “Blues are in fact CLICKY!!!1! and NOT tactile, they’re super different and it must be amateur hour over at height to be making such basic but costly mistakes”
  • 155-Pixel qRGB Lighting Array blankets your face in the soothing glow of digital light, ensuring nothing natural could ever compete for your love again

Product Features

Tenkeyless Layout

Drops the numpad for a more compact form factor which retains core functionality for work and allows extra space for play

155-Pixel qRGB Array

Transcends boundaries and delivers a subtle digital immersion to your analog environment

Crystal Bubble Polycarbonate Case

Gently unites resilience and aesthetics, protecting Keeb while allowing the rich qRGB lighting to shine through

Gasket Mounted Design

Softens the impact of every keystroke on the sand blasted, anodized aluminum plate with a gentle and measured bounce

Dual Magnetic Rollers

Offer superior digital control with not just one, but two rotary encoders

Krytox Lubed HYTE Fluffy Lavender Switches

Linear switch design lubed using Krytox 205g0 with 36 gram actuation force and 1.5mm actuation distance for a fast, smooth, and responsive typing experience

Krytox Lubed Durock V2 Screw-In Stabilizers

Subtly enhance your typing with measured balance and precision, lubed with Krytox 205g0 + XHT-BDZ to keep you hyper focused by eliminating distractions caused by scratch or rattle

HYTE Flappy Paddle Media Keys

Low-profile Blue switches which distinctly pivot when pressed, providing a diverse and satisfying tactile experience

North Facing 5-Pin Hot-Swap PCB

Allows you to explore and experiment with other mechanical switches

Double-Shot PBT Shine Through Keycaps

Increase resistance to wear and shine with RGB compatible legends

Tech Specs


380 x 180 x 53 mm


2.73 lbs

Form Factor


Key Layouts


Number of Keys

93 Keys


Wired, USB 2.0 Type-C @1.8A

Polling Rate

1,000 Hz

Onboard Profile Storage

2 Profiles w/ 4 Function Layers Each

Number of qRGB Pixels


Typing Angle

Adjustable 3.73 or 6.06 Degrees

Case Bottom

Polished Aluminum Plate

Case Damping

Soft Matte Silicone

PCB Foam

IXPE Sheet + Poron

PCB Thickness

1.2 mm

Hot-Swap Sockets

5-Pin (North Facing)


Durock V2 Screw-In

Stabilizer Lube

Krytox 205g0 + XHT-BDZ

Plate Foam


Top Plate

Sand Blasted Anodized Aluminum

Mounting Style


Casing Material

Crystal Bubble Polycarbonate

Switch Type

HYTE Fluffy Lavender Linear

Rated Actuations

60 Million

Actuation Distance

1.5 mm

Actuation Force

36 grams

Bottom Out Distance

3.7 mm

Bottom Out Force

45 grams

Bottom Housing

Nylon w/ 40% Glass Fiber



Top Housing

Translucent Polycarbonate


Krytox 205g0

Keycap Material

Double-Shot PBT





Wall Thickness

1.8 mm

Shine Through Legends


Media Controls

Yes, 5 Dedicated Keys

Media Switch Type

HYTE Flappy Paddle Tactile (Low-Profile Blue)

Rotary Encoders

Dual Magnetic Rollers (x2)

Nexus Powered



3 Years



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