PCIE40 4.0 Luxury  Riser Cable

PCIE40 4.0 Luxury Riser Cable

Why We Made This
  • Vertical graphics card
  • EMI shielded, rigorously tested and built with high quality copper wires for
    ultimate PCIE 4.0 x16 bandwidth performance.
  • Half-height bracket, full-height bracket? Both options are included to allow for
    more case compatibility.
  • Only aesthetic luxury PCIE 4.0 riser cable on the market that considers your new
    vertical GPU set up–now in all three canopy colors–just like the Y60!

What’s in the box

  • HYTE PCIE40 4.0 Riser Cable
  • Full-height Bracket
  • Half-height Bracket
  • 6-32*6 Flat Head Screws x2
  • M3*6 Self-tapping Screws x5
  • Quick Start Guide

Product Features


PCIE40 4.0 riser cable features a cover canopy available in 3 colors to add a premium look to vertical graphics compatible systems


Rigorously tested to comply with the PCI Express 4.0 standard, enjoy industry leading performance with full x16 bandwidth.


EMI shielded high quality copper wires guard against outside interference and crosstalk for a rock solid gaming experience.


Highly flexible ribbons are protected from damage by a plastic coating and solder points are guarded by covers at both ends to avoid damage during installation.


With a total of 200mm of cable length and included full and half height pcie brackets, the PCIE40 is a breeze to install and compatible with a wide range of cases on the market.

Tech Specs

PCI Express Generation 4.0 and older 
PCI Express Lanes 16
Length 200mm
Color(s) Black, White, Red



Conductor 30 AWG silver plated copper
Insulation FEP
Ground Wire 32 AWG tinned copper
Pair Shield Bottom, Side, Top
Pair Cover Aluminum foil mylar tape
Outer Jacket PET
Rated Voltage PVC
Working Voltage and Current 30V 12V / 5A

Cases with rotating PCIe slot assemblies



Thermaltake V350 TG
Thermaltake Divider 550 TG
Thermaltake Divider 300 TG
Thermaltake Divider 500 TG
Thermaltake P6
Thermaltake P5
Thermaltake P3

Cases with rotating PCIe slot assemblies

Make sure to leave enough space between GPU fans and side panel for airflow. Recommend at least 20mm space.



Corsair 4000D
Corsair 4000X
Corsair 7000D
Corsair 5000T
Corsair 465X
Corsair 680x
Corsair 275R
Fractal Meshify 2
Fractal Meshify S2
Lian Li Lancool One
Antec P120 Crystal
Phanteks Enthoo Evolv X
Phanteks Eclipse P600S
Be Quiet! Darkbase 700
Be Quiet! Silent Base 802
Be Quiet! Silent Base 601
XPG Cruiser
XPG Defender
XPG Battlecruiser
Thermaltake V27 TG
Thermaltake T26 TG
In Win 216
Asus ROG Strix Helios
Asus TUF GT501

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PCIE40 4.0 Luxury Riser Cable

A Luxury Aesthetic, High Performance Riser Cable

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