Watson Amelia Y40 + Desk Pad + Gift Box Bundle

Watson Amelia Y40 + Desk Pad Bundle

S-Tier Aesthetic Case

チクタク, Teamates, another case to consider!

Ready to investigate? Introducing the latest HYTE x hololive_EN collab with hololive production's #1 detective, Watson Amelia! Enjoy a first-of-its-kind custom colorway Y40 case and accessory bundle filled with an entire collection of limited edition collectibles, including a miniature "Bubba" keychain plush! HIC! Are you ready to activate gremlin mode in style? Collect now! #amehyte

"Cute overload! This PC case turned out so awesome, huge thanks to the amazing artists and team! The Bubba plushy is just amazing...I NEED 10!" -- Watson Amelia

Artist: Rosuuri

I’m Rosuuri, an illustrator who draws for game and publishing companies! I specialize in character design and illustrations for games, light novels, and illustration books. I post various illustrations on Twitter & Pixiv!

キャラデザイナとフリーイラスイラストレーター活動中。 色々イラストをPixiv&Twitterに投稿していますので,ぜひチェックしてください!

Artist: Walfie

I'm Walfie, and I primarily work as a backend software engineer, but sometimes I like to draw/animate in my free time. You can find my art on Twitter and Pixiv.


Watson Amelia Y40 PC Case Bundle Exclusive Accessories:

  • Limited Edition Watson Amelia Y40 PC Case
  • Motoaki Tanigo + iBUYPOWER/HYTE Co-Founder Signature Certificate of Authenticity
  • Acrylic Magnifying Glass Keychain
  • Enamel Pocketwatch Keychain
  • “Bubba" Plush Keychain
  • Investigator's Notepad
  • Exclusive Collaboration Sticker Sheet
  • 60cm x 45cm Limited Edition Watson Amelia Wall Scroll
  • 800x380mm Watson Amelia Deskpad
  • Beige and Brown Color-matched PSU Sleeved Cable Extensions (24 Pin MB (1), 4+4 Pin CPU (2), 6+2 Pin VGA (2), 3 x 8 Pin VGA to 12VHPWR (1))
  • Limited Edition PC Case Packaging

Product Features

Multi-Dimensional Design

Details connect every part into a deeply harmonic design structure. Every edge is adorned in tightly controlled beveling for s-tier aesthetics. 2-Piece Panoramic Glass set the stage for a completely unobstructed view of your system’s performance.

Ginormous Vertical Graphics Support

Y40 grows GPU support to 4 full slots with additional airflow space between the edge of the card and the glass. An intake fan below the power supply shroud provides fresh air upwards to the GPU to improve cooling further.

Included Luxury PCIE 4.0 Riser Cable

A protective riser cable canopy integrates beautifully into the case, allowing for half-height PCIE cards behind the throne of the vertical graphics card.


Y40 comes with 2x 120mm fans pre-installed, one beneath the floor and one at the rear. The side mount can fit up to a 280mm radiator with a combined thickness of up to 120mm allowing for large 60mm+ radiators to be used for custom loop configurations, and the top mount can fit up to a 360mm radiator for dual radiator setups. Y40 also brings support for large air coolers over 180mm in height, allowing for almost every CPU cooler on the market.

Tech Specs


ATX Mid Tower



Case Dimensions

439mm x 240mm x 472mm​

Motherboard Support​


Power Supply

ATX up to 224mm in length​

Video Card Max Dimensions​

422mm length, 94mm height (80mm height or less recommended for best cooling)​

Fan Support​ (Side)

2x 120mm/140mm​

Fan Support (Top)

Top: 3x 120mm​

Fan Support (Rear)

1x 120mm (1x 120mm, 1300 rpm included)​

Fan Support (Bottom)

1x 120mm/140mm (1x 120mm, 1300 rpm included)​

Radiator Support​ (Side)

120, 140, 240, 280mm up to 120mm thick​

Radiator Support​ (Top)

120, 240, 360mm​

Radiator Support​ (Rear)


CPU Cooler Height​



1 x 3.5" HDD or 2 x 2.5" SSD​

Expansion Slots​

4 + 6 half-height​




PCI Express Riser Cable​

4.0 x 16 (included)​

Front USB 3.0​


Front USB 3.2 Type-C​


Audio/Mic Jack​


Dust Filters​

Top, Side, Bottom (x2)​

RGB Lighting​


*When using an air cooler rather than liquid cooler, HYTE recommends the installation of 2 additional intake fans (not included) on the side mount of the Y40 for optimal airflow.

Download Watson Amelia Y40 + Desk Pad Bundle's Instruction Manual

Customer Reviews

3 Reviews

Totally Swag

Reviewed on 02/17/2024

This is my very first PC Case, It looks amazing and though I am just a beginner I would say its one of the best ones I have personally seen - and I am super happy this is what I am starting off with. o7

Todd B

Wonderful Case

Reviewed on 01/28/2024

As an investigator, this case is great, a lot of thought went into this design. It's perfect and fit all my old cases components really well, it'll definitely still be used for when I eventually replace said parts, and it'll look really clean with it.

Garuda Panzer

Amelia watson case

Reviewed on 01/26/2024

Sorry But this is the best PC case hyte will ever make. As an investigation and teamate i stand by this. ?

Joey jaroensuk

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