Distribution Plate for Y60

Y60 Distro

Distribution Plate for Y60

Since launch, the Y60 has served as an incredible canvas for creativity among the PC DIY community. We are now expanding the possibilities with the introduction of the new HYTE designed Y60 Distro that joins our collection of corner glass replacement accessories.

Why We Built This

  • Custom loops are hard work
  • Hard work deserves to be shown off
  • Showing off should be made easy
  • Y60 corner glass? Yeah, that’s easy.

Product Features

Exclusively Designed for Y60

Custom cooling enthusiasts can take full advantage of Y60's corner glass to elevate their custom loops

Showcase Your Coolant Flow

The aesthetic distribution plate design prioritizes displaying the flow of your coolant front and center

Illuminate the Plate With RGB

17 addressable RGB LEDs light up the interior with deep rich color via a 3-pin 5V ARGB header

Bring Your Own Pump

Compatible with both D5 and DDC pumps for a wide range of custom loop possibilities

Four Separate Flow Chambers

Enables precise routing of coolant between radiators and water blocks

Dual Radiator Setup

Provides cooling for both the CPU and GPU

Tech Specs

Distribution Plate for Y60


Acrylic, silicone, steel, POM



Distro Plate Assembled


D5 Pump Top w / O-ring

Yes - Pre-Installed

D5 Pump Retention


D5 Mounting Screws


DDC Pump Top w / O-ring


DDC Mounting Screws


Included Stop Fitting


Included Pump


Included LEDs


Addressable RGB

Yes, 3-Pin 5V



Download Y60 Distro's Instruction Manual

Customer Reviews

1 Reviews

Distro plate handy as ever

Reviewed on 09/3/2023

This thing is awesome. It looks nice and now I can remove the pump mount bracket choking the bottom 140mm fan on the side mounted rad. I had been waiting for something like this to release.


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