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Parts Needed to Build a Gaming PC

Explore our comprehensive guide on to build your dream gaming PC. Learn about key components and start your DIY PC journey today!
September 18, 2023

Best Gaming Headsets of 2023 | HYTE

It can be tricky to navigate the sheer number of headsets available. Along with having varying audio quality, headsets, and earbuds tend to be more personal preference-driven than most other peripherals, given that we all have different head shapes and ear sizes. Find out the best gaming headsets of 2023 to better inform your purchase!
By Jimmy Tran
August 29, 2023

How To Build a Budget PC

Learn how to build a budget PC with our step-by-step guide. Discover affordable PC components and budget-friendly tips for your DIY gaming PC build.
August 1, 2023

HYTE at LTX 2023! | HYTE

The HYTE World Tour is nowhere close to ending! We're now heading to Vancouver for Linus Tech Expo (LTX) 2023.
July 21, 2023

HYTE at Anime Expo 2023!

HYTE at Anime Expo 2023! We're so excited to celebrate another year of Anime Expo, and we hope you’ll join us in the fun. With a weekend filled with exciting guests, endless prizes and giveaways, and an Intel PC play area, you won’t want to miss out!
June 16, 2023

How To Pick a PC Case: Best PC Cases For Your Needs

Picking a PC case takes research! If you’re just starting out with PC building, here’s a quick guide on how to pick the perfect PC case for your build.
By Michelle Ngo
June 7, 2023


COMPUTEX is an annual international computer expo held in Taipei, Taiwan. It is one of the largest and most influential trade shows in the technology industry. The event showcases the latest advancements in computer hardware, software, components, peripherals, and other related technologies. It serves as a platform for businesses, professionals, and enthusiasts to network, exchange ideas, and explore emerging trends in the IT and electronics sectors.
May 15, 2023

How To Guide on Controlling Your RGB Lighting on Your PC

Although adding RGB to your setup is very exciting, setting it up can quickly become a chore. Especially if your build contains many RGB components, the wiring alone gets pretty tough. Not to mention, there are so many programs to download and colors to choose from, that it’s easy to get lost and confused. Don’t worry, we got you! In this guide, we’ll be breaking down how to control the RGB lighting on your PC to save you the headache.
By Michelle Ngo
April 27, 2023

Meet CNVS: An Interview with the Lead Roadmap Architect

Meet CNVS—the world's most immersive playmat. Its first debut was at the HYTE/iBUYPOWER interactive suite experience during CES 2023. Paired with the HYTE Nexus software, CNVS utilizes a 50-pixel qRGB array that brings any online experience to life! Our lead roadmap architect, Rob Teller, has taken some time to answer some burning questions you might have regarding our newest RGB gaming playmat.
March 31, 2023


What is PAX East? Penny Arcade Expo, now lovingly known as PAX, is one of the largest gaming conventions in the U.S. Started in 2004, Penny Arcade wanted to create a show exclusively for games and gaming culture. The show originated in Bellevue before making it around the world to cities like Boston, San Antonio, Philadelphia, and Melbourne, Australia! It is known for having plenty of activities such as Freeplay areas, gaming tournaments, LAN parties, concerts, celebrity and industry panels, and an Exhibition Hall. No matter the platform, there is a place for all gamers at PAX East.
March 17, 2023