Meet keeb: Our First Keyboard is Unlike Any Other.

January 4, 2022

We’re so excited to announce our products coming in 2022; starting with the keeb SR65!

At HYTE, we don’t want to make more of what everyone else is making. Our goal is to create hardware that encourages you to express yourself, immerse yourself, and connect more deeply to your work or play. We think our board does just that.

Human-Centric Design

Rectangles are easy, real connections are not. With keeb, our goal was to push beyond what every other board on the market looked like; instead we focused on design that keeps your senses top of mind. After all, a keyboard is your primary connection to your system.

The keeb SR65 is a strikingly different, oversized dual-scroll wheel, contoured and beveled 65% form factor keyboard with high-definition RGB screen mirroring capability. In other words, this board was never meant to be "just another rectangle" on your desk.

Beyond RGB

Our vision with keeb is centered on our belief that the connection between man and machine, specifically in an I/O desktop device, can be totally elevated and moved forward toward a new next generation of immersive PC peripherals. 

That's also why we included an unheard of 138 LED lights in this board, diffused through the case to create sophisticated light shows that perfectly sync with your music or media in real time. Lighting should never be a gimmick or afterthought. We believe RGB can do more.

Connect to Custom

Any keyboard enthusiast will tell you that sound and feel matter most at the end of the day. With keeb, you’ll have more control over your typing experience with linear and tactile switch options. Don’t know what you want? Our hotswappable PCB lets you change out your switches for a fully custom, upgradable board.

Want more media control? Our unique design offers media keys and dual scroll wheels, for control over multiple audio channels, lighting, and much more!

More Specifications 

Based on 12/29/21 - Mk.3 CES 2022 Prototype SR65

  • Layout: 65% WK + Replaceable Drop-in ARGB LED Blocker (Numbered 1-to-1000) + 5 Media Keys
  • Mounting System: Suspended Gasket Mount (Modified Bottom/Tray Mount via 'Gasket Bridge')
  • PCBs: 1x Hotswap Main PCB White w/ ANSI + ISO Support, 3x Rigid LED Daughterboards (Front, Left, Right), 1x USB-C Connector Rigid Light Blade Daughterboard (Rear) 
  • Default PCB Configuration: North-Facing (RGB Per Key, Standard Kit, see available kitting options)
  • Case Material Finishes: T5052 CNC'd Aluminum Beadblasted PVD Silver + Mystery Option (Top Case) + Injection Molded, Beadblasted Frosted Polycarbonate (Bottom Case) 
  • Plate: 1.5mm Beadblasted Aluminum Plate
  • Dual Scroll Wheels: Oversized and Indexed Dual-Programmable Aluminum Scroll Wheels (Replaceable, Standard Aluminum)
  • Adjustable Typing Angle: 5.5deg or 9.5deg w/ stackable mag-feet
  • Front Height: 17.88mm
  • Dimensions: L: 348.97mm W: 144.94mm H: 59.07mm
  • Dampener: Black 'Hex' Removable Silicone Dampener (Shore 00)
  • Weight: 1.24 kg (2.73 lbs)
  • Powered Connection: USB-C to USB-C
  • How many LEDs again? 138 LEDs (DPI capture capable of 192x108px @ 60Hz sync) w/ 3 LED 6.25u Spacebar

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