World’s Most Intense Gaming Play Mat

Live Beyond Your Screen

Illuminate your emotions and explore a lifestyle beyond the screen with CNVS, our 50-Pixel, qRGB enabled array, gaming play mat. Featuring a flexible seven layer fusion of mat materials and a silky smooth polyester top for peak gliding and comfort, CNVS finally delivers form and functional performance to complete your desktop aesthetic experience.

“Perpetual Edge” Control Box w/ detachable USB-C
Zero external stitching
Industry leading brightness with 50 high fidelity per pixel lighting zones
Over 16.8 million color, fully customizable qRGB performance and lighting effects

The Gaming Fidelity Glow Up

Peak performance looks best on CNVS. Get industry leading gaming immersion in a massively smooth 900x370mm, liquid and stain resistant, transportable surface.

qRGB Performance

qRGB Performance

• 50-Pixel qRGB Array
• <50ms latency screen-mirroring feature response time

Maximum Durability

Maximum Durability

Easy to clean with liquid, stain and temperature resistant materials

Modern Connectivity

Modern Connectivity

• Incognito “Perpetual Edge” Control Box
• Detachable USB-C to 2x USB-A or single USB-C to USB-C

qRGB Powered by NEXUS

Immerse yourself in life. qRGB powered devices paint the physical world with high-fidelity, full-spectrum, and low latency digital light. Allowing your digital world to spill beyond your screen for more impactful and emotional experiences. Scale up for size or speed with commercial grade support for up to 1,000 LEDs or blisteringly fast 240hz refresh rates. Orchestrate an infinite number of qRGB in perfect harmony to create truly otherworldly spatial environments.

NEXUS (Coming Soon)

Developing cutting edge, qRGB enabled, hardware requires support from the most advanced software experience available—enter Nexus. Developed with superior image processing for screen sync, audio sense, extensive lighting personalization, LED calibration, and a feature list comprehensive enough for true s-tier sensory control… Available Late January 2023

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