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Intense Play Mat


900 x 400mm Premium Desk Pad

"Bunny Splash" Desk Pad

CNVS Analog Desk Pad Series

"Let's Game" Desk Pad

CNVS Analog Desk Pad Series

"Eternity" Desk Pad

CNVS Analog Desk Pad Series

"FOOD is power" Desk Pad

CNVS Analog Desk Pad Series

"Nyanyopolis" Desk Pad

CNVS Analog Desk Pad Series

"Space-POP" Desk Pad

CNVS Analog Desk Pad Series


HYTE's Desk Mats and Mousepads for Gaming and More!

At HYTE, we’re firm on the idea of creating a PC setup that’s just as unique as you! With that in mind, we’ve curated a special selection of desk mats and mousepads that are sure to fit any aesthetic you’re looking for. Be sure to check out our collection, including our new CNVS RGB playmat, CNVS analog series, and our original HYTE-branded DP900 desk mat!

Our New and Improved Mousepads

Experience full gaming immersion with CNVS, our 50-pixel, qRGB-enabled mousepad. Improving on our previous desk mats, the CNVS features a flexible, seven-layer fusion of mat materials to bring a silky smooth surface for an optimal mouse glide. This RGB mousepad allows your online environment to bleed right into the physical environment. Discover our new and improved take on the RGB mousepad today!

The Original HYTE Desk Mat

To the minimalists or our die-hard fans, we created the original HYTE Desk Pad DP900 just for you! The DP900 is HYTE’s very first desk pad featuring our signature colors: midnight blue and sweet, honey yellow. This desk pad is made with the most luxurious fabric at 28 SPI (Stitch Per Inch), creating a silky smooth glide as you game and browse!

HYTE X Series

Looking for something that will POP on your desk? Explore the HYTE X Series, an array of custom desk mats curated for the most eccentric of gamers. The HYTE X Series collection includes our CNVS Analog Desk Pads, a unique series of desk mats designed by some of our favorite online artists! Keep an eye out on our page as we find new artists to collaborate with.

The Importance of Using a Desk Mat or Mousepad

It's important to start using a desk mat or mousepad if you haven't already because it will greatly improve your mouse usage. For example, if you're a gamer, the glide you receive from using a good mouse pad can help your accuracy and quickness. This helps elevate your gameplay, especially if you're a competitive gamer. If you're more of a casual browser, you'll still benefit from a smooth mouse glide and the elongation of your mouse feet's lifespan.


What are the differences between a desk mat, desk pad, and mousepad?

A desk mat, desk pad, and a mousepad are all types of accessories used on desks or workstations, but they serve different purposes and have different features. A desk mat is a larger, more durable pad that covers the entire desk surface and is used for writing, drawing, or working on a laptop. A desk pad is a smaller pad for note-taking or organization, while a mousepad is a specialized pad used for computer mouse operation.

Gamers, casuals, and everyone in between can benefit from using a solid desk mat or mousepad. Some of the benefits of using a desk mat and mousepad include:

  • Better mouse tracking
  • Enhanced style and aesthetics
  • Increased durability of gaming mice

The average lifespan of a desk mat or mousepad generally depends on the user. Some factors to think about are:

  • How much time you spend at your desktop
  • What your online lifestyle is like
  • How often you’re willing to clean your desk mat or mousepad

If you know you’ll be spending hours raiding and eating at your desk, you might see a 1-2 year lifespan. If you’re just using your PC for casual browsing and work, you might see a 2+ year lifespan. You can always increase that time by taking proper care of your desk mats.

Yes! Desk mats and mousepads can be cleaned quite easily. Read further on our blog to find out how to clean a mousepad or desk mat properly!