HYTE Release First Keyboard Keeb TKL

January 9, 2024

LAS VEGAS, JAN 9, 2024 - HYTE, a leading manufacturer of cutting-edge PC components and peripherals, is excited to release its inaugural keyboard, Keeb TKL. Previously announced during Computex 2023, HYTE Keeb TKL brings enthusiast keyboard features to the mainstream.

"The Keeb TKL pulls the virtual world closer,” said Rob Teller, Product Director for HYTE. “Seamlessly merging digital and physical realms to intuitively reflect your emotions, fostering a more intimate and immersive interface for personal expression."

The outer Crystal Bubble Polycarbonate case that allows the rich 155-pixel qRGB array to shine through in all its glory, is combined with a polished aluminum bottom plate to house the gasket-mounted inner workings of the Keeb TKL. The Keeb TKL features a wired USB Type-C connector, allowing enthusiasts to swap out their cable to match their setups. For ergonomics there are 2 user selectable typing angles of exactly 3.73 and 6.06 degrees and HX OEM profile PBT double-shot keycaps with shine through legends.

Keeb TKL pairs a modern and functional tenkeyless form factor with HYTE’s own custom hot swap switches, the Fluffy Lavender linear switch, to offer unparalleled aesthetics and epic thocks. Designed inhouse, the HYTE Fluffy Lavender switch is pre-lubed with Krytox 205g0 to be smooth and linear from the first keystroke to the last. The Fluffy Lavender switch has an actuation force of 40 grams and a bottom out force of 53 grams, with an actuation distance of 1.5mm and bottom out distance of 3.5mm for a fast and responsive typing experience.

Adorning the Keeb TKL are Dual Magnetic Rollers, along with 5 dedicated media keys that make use of HYTE Flappy Paddle tactile low-profile blue switches. The Dual Magnetic Rollers are completely customizable through the HYTE Nexus software, giving gamers complete control over the shortcuts available at their fingertips such as: adjusting the volume, screen brightness, switching applications or tabs, page scrolling and more.

Created with feedback from the enthusiast community, the Keeb TKL comes out of the box with Durock V2 screw-in stabilizers, pre-lubed with Krytox 205g0 and XHT-BDZ, and a gasket mounted 5-pin hot swap PCB with north facing qRGB pixels. The Keeb TKL delivers exceptional acoustics and feel through the use of 4 different layers of sound damping, first a soft matte silicone in the case, an IXPE sheet and Poron on the PCB along with Poron on the keyboard top plate.

For complete customization over Keeb TKL, HYTE Nexus enables users to perfectly match their keyboard to their desk setup. HYTE Nexus allows control over all aspects of Keeb TKL including reactive per-key lighting and a range of qRGB animations. The creation of macros and remapping of the entire keyboard across 2 profiles is also handled by Nexus, with Keeb TKL capable of storing up to 16 macros and 4 different key functions per profile.The selectable Game Mode disables game breaking key combinations like Alt + F4, Alt + Tab and the ever-worrying Windows Key. Lastly, the Key Matrix Tester can be used to check freshly installed switches and the PCB to ensure everything is working as intended.

Pricing & Availability

Keeb TKL will be available for purchase from within the United States and Canada for a starting MSRP of $179.99 USD.


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