HYTE Releases its First All-in-One Liquid Cooler THICC Q60

January 9, 2024

LAS VEGAS, JAN 9, 2024 - HYTE, a leading manufacturer of cutting-edge PC components and peripherals, is excited to release its first all-in-one (AIO) liquid cooler, THICC Q60. Previously announced during Computex 2023, THICC Q60 is redefining the modern liquid cooling experience with the largest digital IPS display on an AIO and is expected to have one of the highest performance-to-noise ratios among the competition.

"The THICC Q60 delivers ginormous thermal performance and obscene amounts of digital innovation," said Rob Teller, Product Director of HYTE. “This 240 will destroy any 360 AIO from our competition.”

Prominently displayed above the THICC Q60 CPU block on a double-hinged floating spout is a 5” ultraslim IPS display that sports a 720 x 1280 resolution and an incredibly crisp 293 pixels per inch. A 60Hz refresh rate provides a smooth visual experience while 300 nits of brightness deliver real-life depth to the digital experience. Included behind the display panel of THICC Q60 is a 42-pixel qRGB array designed to illuminate system components, all controlled through HYTE Nexus software.

Dual harmonic pumps with aerospace grade ceramic bearings located in the 240mm by 52mm thick heat exchanger of THICC Q60 efficiently circulate liquid with near silenced acoustics. The ginormous heat exchanger utilizes a parallel dual-pass design, maximizing both cooling capacity and efficiency. In tandem, a micro-skived copper cold plate enables a tremendous amount of heat transfer and thermal performance to effortlessly tame the modern-day CPU.

Coupled with the THICC Q60 are two 32mm THICC FP12 fans with fiberglass reinforced Liquid Crystal Polymer blades providing exceptional rigidity, durability, and aerodynamics. The dynamically adjustable 0 - 3,000 RPM fan speed delivers a monstrous 105.8 CFM airflow and 8.14 mm-H2O static pressure. THICC Q60 also provides a zero RPM fan mode to completely stop the blades of the THICC FP12 fans from spinning for silent operation under light workloads. THICC FP12 fans connect to each other and THICC Q60 via a Nexus Link Type-M channel.

Customization of THICC Q60 is enabled through HYTE’s software, Nexus, which enables the polling of various sensors to tune pump and connected fan curves across multiple saved profiles, displays essential hardware performance, temperature, and usage statistics in real time, visualizes the connected sequential node network along with AmpScale health, and more. THICC Q60 is part of HYTE’s Nexus Link Ecosystem of products and can sequentially connect up to 18 devices on a single channel and up to 34 devices across both channels, through 1 x Nexus Link Type-C and 1 x Nexus Link Type-M ports.

Pricing & Availability

THICC Q60 is currently available for purchase from within the United States and Canada for a starting MSRP of $299.99 USD. Global availability is expected in quarter one of 2024.


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