HYTE Unveils its First All-in-One Liquid Cooler the THICC Q60

May 29, 2023

TAIPEI, TAIWAN, MAY 29, 2023 - HYTE, the PC components, peripherals, and lifestyle brand of iBUYPOWER, today, announced its first all-in-one (AIO) liquid cooler, the THICC Q60. Designed with the largest LCD display panel on a liquid cooler, the Q60 looks to defy industry standards.

Prominently mounted over the water block of the Q60 is a 5” ultra-slim IPS display with a 720 x 1280 resolution. Behind the back cover of the LCD screen is a 42-pixel qRGB array that diffuses through the frosted surface providing ambient lighting. Users can customize both the LCD screen and the qRGB array through HYTE’s Nexus software for a personal touch.

"Processor manufacturers are racing to stay competitive,” said Rob Teller, Product Director of HYTE. “They're pumping up TDPs to break boundaries and stretch performance limits. The existing coolers on the market are just not cutting it anymore. They're failing to match up, causing those promised clock speeds to stay frustratingly out of reach. The THICC Q60 unleashes your processor, boosting your performance to previously unthinkable levels. A powerful trio of Dual Harmonic Pumps, a 52mm-Thick Heat Exchanger, and a pair of 32mm-Thick FT12 fans create a cooling density that's potent, efficient, and amazingly quiet. This isn't just about upgrading your computing performance; this will redefine your digital experience."

With a large heat exchanger measuring 120 x 288 x 52 mm, the Q60 stands to be one of the thickest AIOs on the market, targeting the highest performance to noise ratio. Housed in the heat exchanger are dual harmonic pumps providing enough power to propel the coolant through the Q60 for optimum system performance.


A single power cable attached to the heat exchanger drives the entire unit and eliminates additional cable management. Paired with the Q60 are two new 120 x 120 x 32 mm THICC FT12 fans that daisy chain together and connect to the heat exchanger via Nexus Link Type-M magnetic couplers. The blades of the FT12 fans are constructed with liquid crystal polymer (LCP), providing a more rigid design for higher tolerance and better performance. Housed in the body of each FT12 fan is a thermal sensor that measures air temperature and fan orientation and reports back to Nexus.


FT12 Fans will have a speed range of 500 to 2,000 RPMs and will have a zero RPM capability for complete silence when needed. HYTE’s FT12 Fans will be available in packs of three and will come with a Nexus Link Type-M to Nexus Link Type-C cable for compatibility with additional Nexus controlled devices including NP50 Nexus Portal and PQ10 and PQ30 qRGB Light Strips. Additionally, a PWM to Nexus Link Type-M cable will be included for compatibility with motherboard fan control.

Both the THICC Q60 and THICC FT12 Fans will be on display in the HYTE/iBUYPOWER suite during Computex 2023.


The THICC Q60 is expected to be available globally in September 2023 for a starting MSRP of $299.99 USD.

The THICC FT12 Fans are expected to be available globally in September 2023 for a starting MSRP of $79.99 USD.


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