HYTE & iBUYPOWER at Anime Expo 2022!

By Hailey Beazley
June 29, 2022

HYTE & iBUYPOWER are going to Anime Expo 2022! 

HYTE and iBUYPOWER are so excited to celebrate Anime Expo’s comeback this year, and we hope you’ll join us in the fun. With a weekend filled with exciting guests, endless prizes and giveaways, and an Intel PC play area, you won’t want to miss out!

What is Anime Expo?  

Anime Expo, or AX, is one of the largest conventions started by a 501c3 non-profit organization, SPJA, who has a mission to inspire the world through Japanese animation and culture. Every year, Anime Expo wants to bring the industry and the fans together by holding a 4-day long event to cover all things Anime, which includes games, shows, V-tubers, cosplays, and different artists! Anime Expo will be holding different events everyday, with live performances from different musical guests, industry panels, fan panels, screenings, and many more.

When & Where is Anime Expo 2022?

Anime Expo 2022 is BACK to bring fans and the industry together to celebrate Japanese pop culture on July 1st-4th at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Downtown Los Angeles, California. The iBUYPOWER x HYTE booth will be located in the Entertainment Hall at booth E-15. Make sure to stop by to see the cool things iBUYPOWER and HYTE are doing! 

iBP & HYTE x Hololive Production

We’re excited to announce our new collaboration with Hakos Baelz from Hololive-EN! In collaboration with Bae and illustrator Rosuuri, HYTE has created a fun and unique version of their famous Y60 case that will be sold WORLDWIDE. With every order of the Hakos Baelz Y60 PC case, you’ll receive a matching Hakos Baelz DP900 Desk Pad! In addition, iBUYPOWER will be selling pre-built RDY systems that include the Hako Baelz Edition HYTE Y60 for a limited time only. Want to get a first-hand experience of this collaborative case? We’ll also be showcasing it at Anime Expo 2022 ALL WEEKEND at our booth!


  • Beautiful illustration of Hako Baelz, illustrated by Rosuuri, applied using UV engraving technology
  • A unique plate in the rear of the chassis that indicates the limited edition production number
  • A custom dice LED power switch, a perfectly subtle nod to Bae

Learn more about the HYTE Hakoz Baelz Y60 case and preorder now!

What are we doing at our booth? 

HYTE and iBUYPOWER have many exciting things to do in just our booth alone! There will be a claw machine with insane prizes to win, an Intel Free Play area where you can play games with your homies, watch live PC builds in our production area, and buy limited edition products such as Peepo and the new CNVS Analog desk pads at our merch booth!

We have a new limited CNVS Analog collection that is ready to purchase! In collaboration with iBUYPOWER, we aim to support and spotlight emerging artists from around the world in an exclusive Anime Expo 2022 limited-run deskpad series. There are six different designs to choose from, all inked on the silky smooth HYTE DP900 performance desk pad. Some of the artists that we have collaborated with will also be at the show. Make sure to go show support by their booths in Artists Alley and show them your newly purchased desk pad!

HYTE will be doing #FREEHYTE, where we will be giving away FREE T-shirts during the event that will give you a chance to win a free PC.

You can win this free shirt by doing one of the following:

  • Making a purchase at our merch booth
  • Winning it from our claw machine
  • Taking on an interview with our very own, Jeffy.

For every shirt we are giving away, we will also be handing out a raffle ticket on a 4x6 handout explaining how to win. Everyday, you’ll get extra chances at the claw machine, carrying fun prizes, if you visit our booth in the HYTE shirt. At 4pm, come back to our booth for a chance to win various hardware prizes! On SUNDAY, come back to the booth at the same time, to see if YOU won our grand prize of a FREE PC.

A major collaboration will be released on JULY 1ST. Check out our booth DAY 1 to see our brand new collab! 

Our Products at our booth! 

  • Y60
    • The Y60 is the infamous “fish tank” PC case that has a 45 degree angle so you can actually see the inside of your case from every angle. This case is a mid-size case that can hold any kind of graphics card you have. Such a perfect case to do special mods on and very special collaborations with….
  • eclipse HG10
    • Our new eclipse HG10 headset is a plug and play headset with a sleek, half-moon ear cup design that comes in a matte, Lunar Grey. We had our good friend NachoCustomz make a limited design on the HG10 that we will be displaying with our other HYTE products and collabs in our booth!
  • Revolt 3
    • The Revolt 3 is an ITX case that you will take anywhere and upgrade for years to come. This case comes with an integrated handle and tool-free side panels that makes it easy to build in, mod in, and travel with. We are bringing different colored Revolts to our booth to show exactly what you can do for your own case!

Come Visit Us This Year at Anime Expo 2022! To check out our full schedule, make sure to visit the iBUYPOWER Community Page

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