Built a System in the REVOLT 3? Tell Us Your Story! Aug 30th 2021

Building a PC is hard work, so it's fun to show off your finished rig to the world. But what if you can get more than just upvotes and hearts for your PC posts?

We want to know what you built with the HYTE REVOLT 3!

If you take a video or photo of your system and post it to social media, simply add the hashtag #experienceplay and tag @hytebrand in your post. You will be automatically entered for a chance to receive additional HYTE xP, get featured on our blog, and more! 

Yep - entering is that easy. :)

We'll be featuring customers every month, so there are PLENTY of chances to win. Plus, you'll get the ability to see what everyone else is up to with their ITX dream machines, and maybe get some inspiration of your own. Win-Win!

Your system is unique to you, so show it off! Tell us about yourself, how the building process went, what you learned, and overall what you think of HYTE's latest ITX case. We'd love to know!

New to HYTE? Welcome!  Head over to our Community page to follow our social accounts, learn more about xP, and discover all the perks of joining our corner of the internet. Then, check out the REVOLT 3 to see if our ITX solution is right for your next dream machine.