The Case for ITX: Why You Need an ITX PC for Gaming or Work

August 30, 2021

It's a difficult world out there for PC buyers, builders, and gamers. The cost of gaming PCs has gone up, as the prices of graphics cards have skyrocketed in recent years. With that said, if you're looking to build or buy a Mini ITX PC - and spend your budget more wisely - we've got you covered. In this article, we will be talking about the advantages (and common challenges) of ITX PCs, and why the REVOLT 3 is a new kind of ITX chassis.

The Mini ITX form factor offers most of the perks of a full-size ATX PC, but with some distinct benefits, and drawbacks. So long as you have a clear picture of what ITX can offer you (and what to be aware of when building), your PC can be just as powerful, in a smaller package.

Good for Gaming

There's nothing wrong with wanting a statement gaming PC. But when it comes to getting the gaming performance you need, bigger isn't necessarily better.

A Small Form Factor case provides an ideal option for people looking for the power of their desktop on the go without taking up too much space or spending all their money on full-size components. ITX cases mean ITX hardware, which can be cheaper, so you can spend more on the parts you really want to invest in for gaming (CPU & GPU).

The struggle to fit (and cool) full-size GPUs is one of the main drawbacks associated with an ITX build. HYTE has eliminated that as a problem since the REVOLT 3 offers a unique design that can allow even the largest graphics cards to fit! (Check out our full compatibility list)

Goes Where You Go

When it comes to portable gaming PCs, you typically have three options:

1.) Carry a bulky, heavy, and awkward gaming laptop with loud fans and mid-tier performance.

2.) Settle for a lighter device without as many gaming options and even worse performance.

3.) Lug a giant system around.

ITX offers a fourth option:

A full-powered PC in a smaller package, so you can take your best gaming experience with you.

The REVOLT 3 is built with a handle and two accessory holders in the top, that pop out for easy travel and storage.

The benefits are clear, but ITX's smaller size can have some distinct disadvantages when compared with traditional desktop PCs: limited space to build in, and cooling challenges. It's generally why people don't recommend ITX builds for beginners. Luckily, the REVOLT 3 provides easy access to all parts of your ITX build, so assembly and upgrades are less challenging. And with dedicated airflow for your GPU and CPU, cooling is a breeze (pun intended ;] ).

Perfect for Professionals

Maybe your PC will focus less on gaming, and more on work and travel. ITX can still offer you a lot of benefits. In fact:

If you need portability, but can't rely on your laptop to provide enough power for gaming and work tasks, an ITX PC might be just what you're looking for.

For a powerful PC with a professional look, ITX cases are generally the way to go. They're designed to sit on your desk, so they take up less space, keep dust away, and offer a simple, modern style. The REVOLT 3's clean lines and black and white finishes will fit effortlessly into your home or office.

If you travel for work, imagine taking all the power of your home computer with you across the country, or across the world, to present mockups, demos, or renders with their full impact. Then, taking your entire library of games and movies back to the hotel for a relaxing evening. The REVOLT 3 makes that possible.

REVOLT 3: A New Kind of ITX

At HYTE, we want you to experience play in every part of your PC's life (especially the building process), as well as the things it can do for you. That's why REVOLT 3 offers features that give it an edge over the competition:

1.) GPU inclusivity - The REVOLT 3 was designed with full-size GPUs in mind. Take a look at our compatibility list in our build guide.

2.) Handle/Accessory Holders - ITX travel, made even easier. Everything sits flush to the case when you don't need it, and pops out when you do.

3.)Easy Building - All our panels are easily removable for a better building experience. For easy upgrades, mount your CPU cooler's radiator to the door, so you can swing it out of the way without removing it.

Wrapping Up

ITX PCs have a host of benefits - smaller size, better power, modern looks. Designed to be a small form factor powerhouse and made with you in mind, the REVOLT is perfect for gamers, professionals on the go, or anyone who wants more from their computer without sacrificing space (or budget).

Check out the REVOLT 3 here! Or, if you're looking for a pre-built ITX system, head over to our friends at iBUYPOWER.