Gifts for PC Gamers: 2022 Gaming PC Holiday Gift Guide

December 15, 2022

Shopping for the PC gamer in your life can get quite difficult, especially if you don't game yourself. There are so many things that go into a PC setup, and it's hard to know where to shop! With the HYTE PC gaming gift guide, we hope to make your holiday shopping experience easier and more informed. By the end of this guide, you'll be able to confidently shop for components or PC gamer accessory gifts. And don't wait! We're also running holiday deals on our site that you can take advantage of.

eclipse HG10


An easy and great gift to give a gamer this season is a new wireless headset! The eclipse HG10 is a sleek and comfortable headset that lasts through the longest of gaming sessions. Experience freedom from tangled headset wires without sacrificing your listening experience. It also includes a detachable unidirectional mic so your friends on Discord can hear your beautiful voice.



A solid upgrade you can gift someone for the holidays is our infamous Y60 PC case! Known as "The Fish Tank", the Y60 is an ATX PC case that features a 3-panel panoramic view into your PC. When you're spending so much on your PC components, you've gotta show it off! Whether you're upgrading a current rig or building a new one, the HYTE Y60 is a great choice if you're looking for modern aesthetics in your gaming setup.

Desk Pad


At HYTE, we've got a wide selection of desk pad designs to choose from. All of our desk pads are made with 28 stitches per square inch (SPI) meaning they'll be silky smooth to the touch. This is valuable to competitive gamers who prioritize quick and sharp mouse movement. It's a great gift to give since it's affordable, suits many different aesthetics, and is an easy upgrade to any gaming setup!

Revolt 3


Got an enthusiast PC builder on your gifting list? The revolt 3 is our ITX-case, meaning it runs way smaller than your usual PC case. It's known for its easy build experience and integrated handle, making it super portable for on-the-go gamers and content creators. This case would be a very unique gift for your PC builder at-home.

Tips for Finding the Perfect Gifts for PC Gamers

To make it simple, ask the gamer in your life what they need to add or upgrade in their setup. Asking them questions, like "Are you planning any upgrades for your computer?" or "Are you planning on building a computer?", could give you a lot of insight. Being aware of passing comments and complaints, like "Wired headsets are annoying" or "I wish my PC case matched my setup", is helpful too! Think about what could possibly improve their quality of life while they game. Once you get a feel of what they're looking for, you'll get a better understanding at what components or accessories you can gift them.

Find Your PC Gamer Gifts with HYTE

At HYTE, we're dedicated to bringing you quality PC accessories and components that doesn't skimp on aesthetics. Make sure to take advantage of our holiday deals this season during your holiday shopping! We've got great deals on the above items and on the rest of our inventory.

Happy Holidays from HYTE!