May 15, 2023


COMPUTEX is an annual international computer expo held in Taipei, Taiwan. It is one of the largest and most influential trade shows in the technology industry. The event showcases the latest advancements in computer hardware, software, components, peripherals, and other related technologies. It serves as a platform for businesses, professionals, and enthusiasts to network, exchange ideas, and explore emerging trends in the IT and electronics sectors.

When and Where is COMPUTEX 2023?

After a two-year break because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the COMPUTEX show is back! COMPUTEX 2023 will take place from May 30th to June 2nd in Taipei, Taiwan. The event will be held at the Nangang Exhibition Hall, marking its 13th consecutive year at this venue.

Visit HYTE!

Our Nexus-powered hardware takes a Quantum leap just in time for COMPUTEX 2023! Are you ready to step into the future with us? We are offering in-person guided suite experiences for an extremely limited showing of our next generation software and hardware showcase.

What Did We Bring to COMPUTEX 2023?

Expanding on HYTE’s qRGB universe, we’ve brought our brand new line of Powered by Nexus components!


Dual Harmonic Pumps, a ginormous Heat Exchanger, and 32mm THICC FT12 fans empower your processor to thrive, unlocking a new world of performance. Our 5' Ultraslim IPS Display is paired with a 42-Pixel qRGB Array, creating an immersive force of expression. Paired and connected by NEXUS LINK, experience our all-in-one digital liquid cooler soon!


Introducing the THICC FT12, an intelligent, ARM 32-bit Cortex Processor-outfitted, Hybrid-Blade fan with a massive 112mm Liquid-Crystal Polymer blade. Connected sequentially by Nexus Link Type-M Magnetic Coupling, enjoy superior system cooling (without all the cables)! Additionally, the THICC FT12 is equipped with thermal and position sensors, allowing you to measure air-temperatures and fan positioning.


Introduce your PC to the Powered-by-Nexus world with Nexus Portal-- a command center outfitted with its own ARM 32-Bit Cortex Processor that can simultaneously handle multiple channels for sensors, lighting, and cooling management. Plug in your Nexus Link Type-C devices for fully unlocked cooling and lighting controls throughout the Nexus Link Sequential Node Network.


Meet our freshly imagined Keeb TKL -- Now featuring a tenkeyless layout with 93 remappable keys, a 155-pixel qRGB lighting array, and generously sized, customizable Dual Rotary Encoders. With lubed Durock Creamy Yellow switches, experience a satisfying and smooth impact with every keystroke! Keeb TKL’s polycarbonate body allows a beautiful qRGB diffusion across its surface, all powered by HYTE Nexus software.

PQ10 & PQ30

Introducing the PQ10 and PQ30, our qRGB light strips for PC case and external use! Forget the days of sticky light strips, because the PQ10/30 features embedded magnets to attach to metal surfaces and adhesive clips for other surfaces. Featuring Nexus Link Type C sequential networking, bring flexible coloring and lighting to your setup without all the wire management!


Experience the next generation of HYTE at COMPUTEX 2023! Can’t make the flight to Taiwan, but want to learn more? Stay tuned to this blog post and our socials for further updates, announcements, and content on what’s coming next!

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