HYTE Launch Celebration Recap: REVOLT 3 Reveal, Mods by Ben Collab, Giveaways, and More

January 8, 2022

Our new brand, HYTE, is a love letter to all gamers, DIYers, and PC-master-racers out there. And we wanted nothing more than to show some of that love with our launch event this week on the official HYTE Twitch channel.

We gave some cool swag away, surprised the iBPCRAFT scavenger hunt with a grand prize PC (thanks iBP <3), and partnered up with Mods by Ben to celebrate the launch. But the real pièce de résistance was the reveal of our brand new ITX PC case-- the REVOLT 3.


The REVOLT 3 is the successor to the REVOLT 1 and REVOLT 2, both of which were released by iBUYPOWER. This new iteration, however, is a standalone release by HYTE. The launch stream kicked off with a review of this brand new ITX case from B.R.A.D., one of the case’s designers and lovingly referred to on-stream as a Beautiful Rad Awesome Dude.

As the REVOLT 3 is built with DIYers in mind, it’s incredibly moddable, but also very friendly to DIY beginners, if this is your first build. As it’s an ITX case, it’s more compact than your average ATX desktop. But unlike most ITX cases, the REVOLT 3 doesn’t require a riser cable. You can read more about it over on our official press release.

Mods by Ben

After the big reveal, we welcomed our good friend and masterful modder Ben, whose own specialized PC modding brand, Mods by Ben, has been a staple in the DIY scene for quite a while.

Ben made an absolutely stunning modded build with the REVOLT 3, complete with custom paneling and cooling hoses fashioned together like the gears inside of a watch. The custom looping work he did was shown off in all of its glory on the side panel, which he left plenty of room for by moving his radiator to the rear of the case. Not only did it look slick, it was also packed with a high-end Intel i9 processor and an RTX 3080 GPU.

And while we could gush about it for paragraphs and paragraphs, it’s probably better if you just see it yourself.

For your viewing pleasure, here’s a full showcase of the build process on Ben’s YouTube channel, set in the forefront of some sweet, sweet vaporwave tunes.

And all the rest

With the big reveal and collab behind us, it was time to relax and move onto the fun part-- hanging out with all of you!

Using Pixel by Pixel’s Marbles on Stream, we gave away a smorgasbord of HYTE-themed T-shirts and full-length desk pads. Just in case you missed your chance to grab one for free, you can buy both of these items on HYTE.com. We didn’t just give swag away, though. We gave away an entire PC, built, of course, in our brand new REVOLT 3 case. But we made y’all work for that one.

Thanks for hanging out with us! Welcome to the community :)

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