HYTEmods Feature: Introducing the First REVOLT 3 PC Mod, Created by ModsByBen!

September 27, 2021

In all honesty, we were stoked when ModsByBen agreed to create a custom REVOLT 3 ITX system for us.

The process of building a PC is an art and a science. It requires an equal understanding of form and function. Modding your PC ups the ante, and forces you to come up with original solutions to complex problems.

Professionally modding in ITX? That requires a whole other level of skill. Fortunately, Ben was more than up to the task.

A REVOLT 3 case (and most of the hardware) was provided to Ben, along with one set of instructions: have fun! The result was a sleek modded PC, complete with a custom liquid cooling loop, custom panels, and immaculate cable management.

Don't take our word for it: sit back and enjoy his VERY satisfying build video.

About Ben

After working for 12 years as a professional photographer, Ben decided to combine his love of industrial design and photography into the ModsByBen brand.

Since then, he's built PCs for celebrities like John Mayer, iJustine, and Seth Curry, as well as major hardware brands. We're so excited to add HYTE to that list! :)

Spec List

If you're curious, here's the full spec list for this system:


It's YOUR Turn

Ben did an incredible job, but we want to see YOUR builds, too! Whether you're building your first PC in the REVOLT 3, or you're attempting a custom mod, the HYTE community can help, or hype!

Tag @hytebrand in your photos or videos of your systems, and use #ExperiencePlay for a chance to with some more HYTE xP, and get your build featured by us!

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