#HYTEUpSetUp Spotlight

September 15, 2022

Welcome to the #HYTEUpSetUp stage, where we'll be spotlighting custom builds and setups weekly.

We're so lucky to have such creative and talented builders in our community, and we want to showcase that! Follow us on Instagram, tag our account, and use the #HYTEUpSetUp hashtag with your Y60 or Revolt3 setup submissions to earn free HYTE Swag! If you are still looking to get a Y60 case, show us your setup for a chance to get upgraded to this amazing case. 

12/2/22 - Instagram user, @chroniko95

Q: What was it like building in the Y60 Case?

A: Best part about working with this case is all the space I have to work around. I’m new to all this, so it’s nice being able to reach everything so easily without worrying about bumping things.

Q: Why did you choose the Y60 Case?

A: I picked this case because when they came out with those see through corded house phones, I was blown away and fell in love with being able to see inside. I wanted something that would show off the guts and look good doing it. I spent a long time looking at allot of glass wrap around cases; and when I saw this one, it was like discovering the see through house phone all over again. It’s perfect.

11/4/22 - Reddit user, Rude_Piano_2492

Q: What was it like building in the Y60 Case?

A: I absolutely love the customizability the case provides. You can do so much inside and/or outside the case to make it to your liking and always look unique from many different other cases. Also the glass panels provide such a great view of everything inside the case, like it’s just meant to be shown off!

Q: Why did you choose the Y60 Case?

A: I went with the Hyte Y60 cases because I wanted to try something unique and different from all the other builds I’ve seen around the internet. Also this was the first PC case I’ve ever seen that just shows off sooo much of the insides and it gives you enough room. You have the freedom to do absolutely anything you want to make it look like the beast or beauty of a PC you want it to be.

9/30/22- Discord user, WockWizard

Q: What was it like building in the Y60 Case?

A: Lots of room for cables and/or 3-slot graphics cards and very easy to organize and navigate

Q: Why did you choose the Y60 Case?

A: I chose the Y60 case because first it was unique and second because Gamers Nexus reviewed the case and said it was amazing! Also the glass just allows you to look at all your hard work through the glass. Definitely amazing for aesthetics.

WockWizard also added: "I’d also like to note as far as cooling with the 3090 is really no issue at all as it can play big title games on max graphics and overclocked. It runs beautifully!"

9/16/22- Reddit User, Asian_Import

Q: What did you like about building in the Y60?

A: I absolutely loved the amount of space the case offers for components. There are thoughtful cable routing features in all the right places, which made cable management a breeze. I also really liked how every side of the case is covered with meshed air vents. My thermals were a good 20° C cooler than my previous case - the NZXT H510i. Finally, I appreciated the top panel radiator/fan mount. It was by far the easiest and quickest build I’ve ever done!

Q: Why did you choose the Y60 case for your personal build?

A: I chose the Y60 because of its unique 3-pane glass design. I wanted my case to stand out from all the other traditional cases, and I also wanted to showcase all the parts I chose. The open-ness of the case, combined with the vertical GPU-mount feature, was exactly what I was looking for.

9/9/2022- Discord User, Harorudo

Q: Why did you want to have a Y60 case for your build?

A: The Y60 case is a very spacious case, very easy to build on too! big big big props to the designer. The best thing about it is that it looks like a FISHTANK!

Q: Why did you choose the Y60 case for your personal build?

A: I was actually looking at the 011 Dynamic Lian Li case then I saw this case on “Things you might like” category on Amazon, it was like love at first site but with pc case. Its a unique case. I don’t think i’ll ever change to another case.

8/22/2022- Instagram User, @daniel.campa.munguia

Q: Why did you want to have a Y60 case for your build?

A: I saw the Y60 months ago and fell in love. I love the look, and I think it would go great with my current GPU.

Q: What do you look forward to most with building in this case?

A: I look forward to redoing my build and making it look as attractive as possible.

8/12/22- Discord user, slocal

Q: Why the Y60?

A: I recently built a computer for my niece which inspired me to upgrade my 8 year old system. I've been wanting to try my hand at water cooling, but was not particularly inspired by any of the cases out there to show off the extra effort. I saw a video review (I think gamers nexus, but may have been Jayztwocents) of the Y60, and knew it was that extra special look I wanted.

Q: What did you like most about building in the Y60?

A: - The open access from all sides (once I realized the front glass was easy to take off).

- All the room in the back for cable management
- Didn't really think about it, but the space for the radiator on top gave me one less thing to worry about while in the middle of other fiddling.
- Overall quality of everything was fantastic (only downside I found was that the screws holding the side panels on don't stay attached to the panel (like the ones in the storage bays))

8/5/22- Instagram user, @jon_michael28

Q: Why the Y60?
A: I chose the Y60 because it was first and foremost beautiful and different from all the other “boxes” available right now. It was the perfect way to display my monster PC build.

Q: What did you like most about building in the Y60?
A: I like the ease of building in this case because it was spacious and designed with the builder in mind.