Meet CNVS: An Interview with the Lead Roadmap Architect

March 31, 2023

Meet CNVS—the world's most immersive playmat. Its first debut was at the HYTE/iBUYPOWER interactive suite experience during CES 2023. Paired with the HYTE Nexus software, CNVS utilizes a 50-pixel qRGB array that brings any online experience to life! Our lead roadmap architect, Rob Teller, has taken some time to answer some burning questions you might have regarding our newest RGB gaming playmat.

Q: What is the CNVS play mat to you?

A: It's an intense expression of the digital world in the physical world. I think it's the first accessible implementation of RGB lighting on a desk.

Q: What makes this unique from other desk pads in the market?

A: There's been a, kind of, limitation on RGB desk mats up until now. They fall into two categories. They're either: soft and rollable with only 1 or 2 diodes or they would be a hard mat with a full array of diodes. So you'd always be sacrificing something. I think that with the CNVS, we set out to do more than check off boxes of marketing material. The experience of using the CNVS is really an intense immersion.

Q: Will the CNVS connect with the rest of my RGB lighting?

A: CNVS is powered by HYTE Nexus. Throughout 2023, we will be adding support for competitors' hardware so that all of your RGB hardware can be integrated with HYTE Nexus.

Q: What was the biggest complication that you and your team ran into while designing CNVS?

A: The mat itself! We fused 7 layers of materials together to create a play mat that was soft, flexible, smooth, and bright.

Q: How does the mat on the CNVS differ from the HYTE DP 900?

A: The HYTE CNVS achieves all of the same properties as the analog desk pad, all while implementing an enormous amount of lighting.

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We hope that gave you a lot more insight into our newest qRGB playmat. If you're interested and want to know the specs, you can learn more here! Not into RGB? We got you! We have a variety of desk pads, curated by some of our fave online artists. Our goal at HYTE is to be the one-stop shop for your PC-building experience, all the way down to the PC accessories!

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