HYTE ushers in a New Era of Personal Computing With Nexus Link

By Ish Patel
April 5, 2024

HYTE ushers in a new era of personal computing this week with the first shipment of products powered by Nexus Link - the most intelligent, extensible, and seamless digital hardware network in the world!

Nexus Link combines power, cooling, lighting, and sensor data into a single cable, drastically reducing cable management clutter. Physical Nexus Link Type-C and magnetic Type-M interfaces deliver incredible scalability and flexible hot-swap connectivity. Each device is also equipped with its own microcontroller, enabling two-way communication across Nexus software and Nexus Link hardware nodes.

Meet the innovative new ecosystem of products that will revolutionize the way you experience play:



Simply put, the best 240mm AIO ever made. A 52mm THICC ginormous heat exchanger and Dual Harmonic Pumps set new standards for thermal performance across the industry, achieving results exceeding the capabilities of even 360mm AIOs from leading competitors. The 5" Ultraslim IPS Display and 42-Pixel qRGB Array bring your system to life, viewable from any angle thanks to the Double-Hinged Floating Spout. Powered by Nexus Link, THICC Q60 can control an entire system's worth of cooling and lighting off a single cable with up to 18 devices on a single port or up to 34 devices across both Type-C and Type-M channels!



The 120mm fan that does it all. An intuitive and aesthetic 32mm THICC design that excels as both a case and radiator fan with the best performance-to-noise ratio on the market. Fiberglass-reinforced liquid crystal polymer supercharges the fan blades, delivering up to a monstrous 105.8 CFM airflow and 8.14mm-H2O static pressure. Powered by Nexus Link, snap these together magnetically with ease via Type-M for use with a Q60 or NP50!

LS10 & LS30 qRGB Light Strips


The ultimate digital immersion lighting. A 20-Pixel (LS10) or 62-Pixel (LS30) qRGB array creates an immersive 2D lighting experience with 24-bit color depth. Available in both 330mm (LS10) and 1000mm (LS30) sizes for wide compatibility and flexibility when it comes to integrating with your setup. Powered by Nexus Link, connect these together with ease via Type-C for use with a Q60 or NP50, both capable of powering up to 249 ARGB LEDs on a single port!

Nexus Portal NP50


The one smart hub to rule them all. It's your computer's computer with a powerful onboard sequential bit processor that handles an array of cooling, lighting, and sensor channels across the node network. The aesthetic two-tone design fits in any 2.5" mounting location and includes a cover shroud. Powered by Nexus Link, Nexus Portal NP50 can control an entire system's worth of cooling and lighting from a single hub with up to 18 devices on a single port or up to 54 devices across all three Type-C channels!

HYTE Nexus Software


Your modern digital command center, Nexus coordinates all your hardware's cooling & lighting, with real-time system monitoring for connected components. Unlock extensive control of your entire system's cooling in one place. Experience true digital immersion with unlimited RGB customization. Interested in creating with us? Check out Nexus Playground, a library of our own protocol documentation and wiring diagrams for "Powered by Nexus" components and peripherals!

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Whether you're a first-time PC builder or a seasoned DIY PC veteran, Nexus Link is not only going to allow you to build faster and easier than ever before but also unleash your creativity and execute ideas that were previously impossible. Intrigued by what you've seen so far? Stay tuned, because we're just getting started!