Preordered the Y60? You’re not alone. PLUS: Catch HYTE @ PAX EAST 2022!

By Hailey Beazley
April 21, 2022

We know hurrying up to wait in a preorder isn’t the greatest experience when it comes to buying your next PC upgrade… especially when it has to do with our newly released Y60 case. You’re not alone (and we never want you to be), so if you’re a fan of our sleek, new eclipse HG10 headsets, we want to give you, our earliest Y60 supporters, exclusive access to HG10 pre-release pricing.

How do I join? Watch out for an email with all the links and details–remember that you automatically qualify for this pricing if you’ve preordered the Y60 with us! Stay tuned for even more news as we develop more of our community perks.

More about the eclipse HG10 and the quick details:

  • Finally a headset with a sleek, new, half-moon earcup design in matte Lunar Grey
  • All performance, competition-grade gaming headset - no 'extra' frills to pay for
  • 30-hr estimated battery life with extended 2.4ghz transmission
  • Enough wireless range to grab something from the garage
  • Plush vegan leather lining and foam headband
  • Play and charge capability that never misses a beat

But are we hanging out at PAX EAST ‘22?

We’re heading out to Boston to display our Y60 cases and builds across 3 different booths: Intel, AMD, and ASUS! Join us there and give our guy Jeffy OR Braethorn a secret shoulder tap for a HYTE “homie hookup” on a Y60 case.

Pay special attention to our social channels this week as we drop social clues and hints on where to find them during the show. We’ll be here all week and it would be hard to miss our signature honey yellow shirts, but just in case, here’s the skinny schedule:

  • HYTE and iBUYPOWER join Braethorn’s Panel: GPU MIA - The Future of PC Gaming on Thursday, April 21 from 6:30pm to 7:30pm at the Albatross Theatre and livestreamed on (TBD channel)
  • HYTE Y60 builds are available to view in Intel, AMD, and ASUS booths!
  • eclipse HG10s are available to win via pop quizzes and social tags by finding us in the PC Play Area OR by finding Jeffy!
  • Homie Hook Up pricing on Y60s by whispering secret catch phrases to Jeffy or Braethorn throughout the show
  • HYTE and iBUYPOWER’s PC and Product Workshop at Intel Gaming’s main stage on Friday, April 22nd from 12:30pm to 1:30pm and livestreamed on OR

It’ll be a busy week for the HYTE team, but we’ll always be around whether we can meet in person or help you with anything on our Discord. We’re a community-first brand, so if you’re attending PAX East, feel free to swing by and say hi!

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