Project Y60: Part 4 - Final Touches

By LiquidHaus
March 15, 2022

This is the final blog in the Project Y60 series from 

Part 1 - The Concept
Part 2 - The Plan
Part 3 - Assembly

The feeling of looking at a freshly completely PC build is definitely something special. Every aspect of the Y60 build turned out really nice, and it all flows really well together.

The decision to mix and match fitting colors brings further depth to the build and demands your attention as much as the major components that are more easily noticed at first glance.

A Solid Color Match

EK’s Solid Scarlet coolant is an insanely close match with HYTE’s choice of red paint for their Y60 as well, and it provided a great way for everything to tie in together.

We were also able to achieve a nice color scheme with the lighting; the motherboard and memory set to static red, and the top fans and strip set to static white, continuing the red and white theme.

It’s always nice seeing a PC build with a dedicated color scheme that goes past simple lighting or cables. As soon as HYTE let us know that they’d send over their red Y60, we were incredibly ready to do a dedicated colored build.

We have a sneaking suspicion that colored cases will be making another resurgence soon, just due to the fact that any trend shifts to something else over time. There have been tons of monochromatic cases over recent years, but only a select few colored cases straight from a manufacturer.

We welcome it, as it’ll introduce even more creativity and colorful variance when browsing PC builds to get inspiration for your next build.

So, What Can It Do?

We won’t be reviewing the full and complete performance analysis of this build. But based on the specs alone, it is more than capable of fluid 4K gameplay, even some intensive video and photo editing!

Temperatures will be the least of this build’s worries, even with the Noctua’s being the only intake fans at the bottom of the case. The Noctua’s can run at a silent 1600rpm, while the Noiseblocker’s can run at a nice and easy 1200rpm.

The Heatkiller radiators in white and brushed stainless steel provide a clean two-tone that matches well with the rest of the build.

HYTE Y60: Pro Aesthetic, Beginner Friendly

Being that we’ve had our hands on this Y60 case for some time, it’s clear that this case is designed for those who are more towards the beginner side of building PCs. Meaning, you don’t have to do a mod like this in order to get a great-looking PC.

HYTE has done a good job setting you up with the tools for success for building a good performing PC, through their design language. The chase was designed for ease of use, and because of that fact, building this system was an absolute joy.

We can’t wait to see what HYTE comes up with next. They hit the ground running with their REVOLT3 case being the leading product. We actually did an SSF build in that case, utilizing an external radiator mod.

Now, their new Y60 is ready to be easily customized by its user - something we should all appreciate in this hobby and industry. The world is massive, and there is more than enough room for everyone to snag their own personal computer for work and play.

What's Next?

We appreciated the challenge by HYTE to create a mod that accentuated the most trademark aspects of the Y60 design, to highlight the best parts of the case, and to deliver a build that hopefully, many people will enjoy.

From what we hear, this build will be showcased at a few events - maybe you’ll see it in person! ;)

Thank you for taking the time to read through this 4 part series. We will see you soon for the next one!

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