How Does the REVOLT 3 Compare to Other ITX Cases? Aug 30th 2021

We designed the  REVOLT 3 to stand out from the competition.

ITX cases have been labeled as enthusiast products, but this does not mean that they deserve less attention than ATX cases. In fact, we believe that ITX is the future of high-performance PCs.

Small form factor PCs do present challenges to builders, with less room for hardware components and cables. Where some see limits, we see opportunities. The  REVOLT 3 ITX case is designed to take up minimal space while retaining all the functionality of a full-size PC, including the use of most full-size GPUs. (See more information on compatibility)

But how do we REALLY compare to the other cases out there? We'll list out some of your other purchase options below, and explain where we feel we stand out in comparison.

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NZXT H1 ($349.99)

The H1 really made a splash when it came out, and it was the first real attempt at a mainstream ITX case. It's a pretty popular product, but we wanted to step it up a notch with our design.

Firstly, the H1 is much smaller than the REVOLT 3: 13.6 Liters vs. 18.4 Liters. Case size is going to impact many choices in your build, from hardware selection to cooling strategies. When it comes to building powerful PCs, we feel that you can do more in the REVOLT 3, and stay cooler, too.

Secondly, one of the key features in the REVOLT is the vertical GPU mount, which removes the need for a riser cable. This allows for dedicated cooling channels and less hassle in your building process.

Overall, we think you'll have more hardware options, more efficient cooling, and a better building experience with the  REVOLT 3.

Cooler Master NR200/200P ($79.99-$99.99)

With similar size and hardware offerings, the NR200 was steep competition. We felt we could improve on its design so that users could gain the full advantage of ITX.

First, we made sure that our case used a vertical layout, rather than a horizontal one. This takes up less space on your desk and allows for that same vertical GPU support we mentioned already. Depending on your NR200 setup, you may still need a riser cable.

Additionally, we added storage and portability options through our handle and accessory holders. Our design ensures your PC can go wherever you go, but will also maintain a sleek and minimal appearance on your desk (not to be vain, but we think our case is better looking, too).

Your performance may not change much between these two cases, but if you're looking for all those features in a space-saving, travel-friendly, good-looking option, we've got you covered.

SSUPD Meshilicious ($179.99*)

*Price includes PCIE Gen 4 riser cable. Price without cable is $119.99

This case has gotten rave reviews from launch, and in terms of cooling, it's hard to beat. But here's where REVOLT 3 really shines in comparison:

First, size. It goes without saying at this point, but a larger ITX case means more selection and variety in your hardware options. At 14.6 L, the Meshilicious can go farther than others, but you may still need additional cables to ensure your hardware fits inside correctly (i.e. when you’re trying to fit the largest graphics cards). In fact, the cable you get with the case may not fit all GPU setups, so make sure to do your research. Or, you could opt for a case where that isn't necessary... ;)

Speaking of GPU setup - while this case does have bottom exit cables like ours, the position in the Meshilicious is much closer to the bottom. You will likely need 90-degree adaptors for cables in order to make specific GPUs work, and if you decide not to use them, your options become more limited.

Finally, between the two, we'd rather trust the REVOLT 3 to travel well and keep components safe.


So what makes us so special in the ITX world? Glad you asked! Here's a quick look at the  REVOLT 3's features:

  • Triple-slot GPU support
  • Vertical GPU, no riser cable needed
  • 18.4 Liters
  • Vertical profile
  • Front IO with traditional USB, USB C, and HDMI ports
  • Pop-out handle and accessory holders
  • Removable Panels for 360-degree access
  • Radiator door for easy upgrades
  • Clean, modern design

With a sleek design, plenty of space to work in, and excellent cooling capabilities (all while being at an affordable price point), we're sure you'll find a lot to love in the REVOLT 3 even before you power it on.

Learn more about the REVOLT 3 here!