Stream Recap: Rating Your Setups with BTMC! Mar 1st 2022

Last week on our Twitch channel we had the opportunity to sit down with BTMC! We revealed some of our first images of a fully built Y60 (taken at his house, thanks bro), did some hardware trivia, and took a look at some of your current setups!


With the release of the Y60 coming up very soon, we wanted to see what our customers’ current setups look like, and if they might like a Y60 in place of their existing case.

Missed the stream but want to take part? You’re in luck!

Use the #HYTEupSetup to share what your desk looks like! We’ll be reviewing submissions on future streams, AND selecting some random winners to receive a Y60 case!

Tons of you responded to our original Twitter thread and Instagram callouts, and we selected a few builds to rate. Check them out:

A New Perspective on the Y60

BTMC was also kind enough to allow us into his home to take some really incredible photos of the Y60. Here are just a couple from that shoot (more to come!):

So cleeeean. :)

BTMC was super excited to see the response, and to chat a little bit about what makes a good setup for gaming or streaming. It's not just about hardware. At the end of the day, aesthetics matter too.


Speaking of aesthetics, after successfully answering the trivia questions that our team threw at him, BTMC unlocked a giveaway of a Y60 case to one lucky winner! We also give away several swag items as well.

If you missed the stream, don't worry! We're live every week for Town Hall events, and we'll have even more content to come (including our D&D campaign)!

Be sure to follow us on Twitch, and follow BTMC as well if you don't already!