Thank You! An Update on Our Rewards Program

November 22, 2022

Wow! So… that happened!

We’ve received a flood of traffic during the CES time period, which is great! We’re excited that the community is excited about our upcoming releases this year. Unfortunately, that has also meant that our redeemable products through our rewards program have been completely exhausted.

Current Updates

This is a great problem to have as a new business, but we want to make it clear that our community is our priority, and keeping you informed about your order is important to us. So, here are the plain facts as of today:

  1. If you’ve already received a notification that your order is being fulfilled, congrats! We’ll keep you updated as we ship out the last of our current inventory to you. :)
  2. If you have a pre-existing coupon code for a free item, but are waiting on your order, don’t panic! These codes don’t expire, and we will fulfill your order as soon as we can. (By the way, thanks for your support, and for your patience while we work on this for you.)
  3. We want to make sure that you, the real person reading this blog, get your order before any spam bot that might have tried to mass-order desk pads or t-shirts. Duplicate addresses, invalid emails, and any other signs of fraud are being combed over and weeded out.
  4. In order to help us with these efforts, you can reach out to us at [email protected] to verify your order.

Future Changes

That covers the immediate situation, but we’re sure you’re wondering what we’ll do for the future. Luckily, we have answers for you!

  1. We are working right now on implementing more secure filters for orders, email verification, and more, to ensure any potential fraud is eliminated before it starts.
  2. Our rewards program might look a bit different shortly - we’re exploring adjusting the existing point structure to maintain a fulfillment rate that we can sustain, with our current resources.
  3. ALSO - stay tuned for even more redeemable products from HYTE! We’ve got some ideas in the works for rewards that we think you’ll really like.
  4. In order to stay on top of updates, we encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter if you haven’t already. That’s the first place you’ll see news updates like this, as well as product drop notifications.

Once again, thank you SO MUCH for your support! We definitely feel the love. <3


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