Townhall Recap: Product Update, Chasm of Doom, Keyboard Meetups

February 9, 2022

During our town hall this week, the community got to take a sneak peek behind the scenes! We showed tons of first-look footage of Jeffy and Gus' adventures with the Revolt 3.

Custom Projects and a Chasm of Doom

First, we joined Jeffy and Cole down in Santa Monica as they shot and edited some awesome footage without leaving the beach! Thanks to the Revolt 3’s portability, the content didn't have to wait.

Then, Jeffy and Gus took our ITX Chassis on another adventure, hiking and climbing through Joshua Tree.

We all got a first look at how Jeffy was able to construct a custom backpack to carry the Revolt 3 around. Once the case was secured, it was time to take the journey through the chasm of Doom in the middle of the night.

Check out the townhall stream below, and see for yourself!

Powerful and Portable

Whether you're a content creator on the go, or you're just in need of a powerful system that can travel with you, the Revolt 3 is a perfect solution.

Are you looking to build a video editing PC for the first time? Or maybe you're considering switching from Mac to PC. Either way, our recent guides should be very helpful to you.

Your Voice Matters to Us

We've really enjoyed getting to know the community through these streams! HYTE is dedicated to building a community that informs everything we do, so we want to hear from you!

Submit your questions to us on our discord, or social media channels, so we can address them for you during our townhall events.

Our next townhall will be Friday, February 4th, at 5PM PST in our discord server.

We hope you’ll join us! 

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