Townhall Recap: RobeyTech, WPM, New Content Feb 17th 2022

During last week's Town Hall King and John discussed some upcoming events featuring the  HYTE Y60, including an exclusive build stream with Robeytech!

More Events and Giveaways!

We've got tons of new content and events coming down the pipeline as we lead up to the official launch of the Y60 case! This includes a keyboard WPM event on March 19th hosted by our friends at BigEuro!

If you attend, say hi to John! He got some OT approved on stream ;)

We also chatted a little about our plans to attend PAX East (mark your calendars for April 21-24th!), and the events, giveaways, and surprises we have in store there!

If you missed last week's episode, you can check out the video below:

Your Voice Matters to Us

We've really enjoyed getting to know the community through these streams! HYTE is dedicated to building a community that informs everything we do, so we want to hear from you!

Submit your questions to us on our discord, or social media channels, so we can address them for you during our townhall events.

Our next townhall will be Friday, February 18th, at 5PM PST in our discord server.

We hope you’ll join us!