Townhall Recap: Y60 Talk, Community Update, and #HYTEupSetup

March 9, 2022

Last week at our town hall, I’m mostly mad that I wasn’t in the office to enjoy any cake. >:(


Jeffy flexing his food on the rest of us.

Actually though, we gave the community some updates on our Y60 launch (coming March 15th!), community events, and took a look at more of your setups!

Missed this townhall? Check out the recording below:

Plants and PCs

Team member Bryan was kind enough to allow us into his home to photograph the Y60 alongside his impressive plant collection. Check out some of these images!


More Y60 Updates!


If you’ve already pre-ordered a Y60 Case, first of all, thanks so much for your support! This case has already inspired so many of you, which makes us truly happy.

So, here's the good news! We intend to ship out pre-orders at or around launch day, if there are no delays at port with our first shipment of cases.

If you haven’t been following supply chain news, ports are still rebounding from COVID-19, so we appreciate your patience while we work to get cases out to customers as soon as they come in!


Big thanks to everyone who submitted for our latest #HYTEupSetup giveaway, and HUGE CONGRATS to @erik.dominguezzz on Instagram, our Y60 Winner for this round!

We’ve been STOKED to see all the pictures you’ve submitted of your setups! We reviewed the ones you're seeing above on stream, but you don’t need to be featured in order to win! Here’s how to enter:

On Twitter:

  • Follow us, and like the latest giveaway post
  • Reply to the thread with #HYTEupSetup in your post
  • Attach a photo of your own setup

On Instagram:

  • Post a photo of your current setup
  • Use the #HYTEupSetup tag in your post
  • Tag two friends

Your Voice Matters to Us

We've really enjoyed getting to know the community through these streams! HYTE is dedicated to building a community that informs everything we do, so we want to hear from you!

Submit your questions to us on our discord, or social media channels, so we can address them for you during our townhall events.

We hope you’ll join us!

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