Meet the Y40: An Interview with the Product Designer

January 12, 2023

Meet the Y40, the newest edition to our Y series cases. Taking what we've learned from the Y60, we've given it more room for next-gen GPU support and kept its beautiful panoramic glass views. After a long weekend at CES 2023, our lead roadmap architect, Rob Teller, has returned to the office to answer some burning questions regarding our newest ATX PC case!

Q: What is the Y40 to you?

A: The Y40 is a modern reflection of performance that computer users desire at an affordable price point.

Q: What inspired you and the team to create the Y40 PC case?

A: We wanted to distill what was so enjoyable about the Y60 into something that was more compact and affordable to more users.

Q: What's one feature that makes this PC case so unique to the market?

A: The included vertical riser cable at this price point is pretty unheard of.

Q: If there's one word to describe the Y40 case, what would it be?

A: S-tier.

Q: What is your favorite feature of the Y40?

A: The internal design! The radiating "H" design on the inside of the right side panel is polished, contrasting, and just gorgeous.

Q: What part of YOU were you able to put into the Y40?

A: I was able to put in a real sense of artistry. From any angle, elements line up in ways that have never been done in our industry. From the top fascia, to the inner steel chassis, to the internal design on the side panel -- everything lines up in this real synchronous way that makes it feel like we've designed it from every angle to be perfect.

Q: What is the biggest complication that you and your team faced while designing the Y40?

A: It's a little silly, but the CPU cutout shape. The original version of that was the equivalent of car fender tooling, and it would've increased the development cost by five times.

Q: What should future Y40 builders look forward to once they have their hands on this case?

A: Cable managing with the new cable management shelf that's hidden under the floor shroud. I think that's something that will make cable management really enjoyable in ways that no one has implemented it before?

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After the success of the Y60, we hope to continue elevating the PC building experience with our products. From PC hardware to gaming peripherals, HYTE pushes the fold on form and function. The Y40 ATX case is now available on our website in 3 different colors-- red, white, and black! Want to get a closer look? Visit the Meet Y40 page to learn more about the product and its specifications.

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