900 x 400mm Premium Desk Pad

The DP900 is HYTE's very first deskpad made from our signature colors: midnight blue and sweet, honey yellow. We carefully sourced the most luxurious fabric for a deep, rich color and silky smooth glide. With 28 SPI (Stitch Per Inch), we can confidently say you'll love this on your desk.

Why We Made This

  • 900 x 400mm for that 360 no scope
  • Silky smooth 28 SPI (Stitches Per Square Inch) for your mouse to glide like a world-class ice skater
  • To look good (and hide the dust you don't clean)
  • Because we hate it when our arms rub against the surface of our desk too
  • Inspired by: you, and all the awesome things you'll do here <3

Customer Reviews

21 Reviews

Feels good

Reviewed on 11/20/2021

The material is pretty nice.


Best desk pad I've bought so far

Reviewed on 11/20/2021

The materials use for this desk pad is really superior to anything I've bought before in the past.


Amazing quality

Reviewed on 12/3/2021

This is one of the best if not the best mousepad / desk matt that I ever owned. Also, it helps that I got it for free!



Reviewed on 12/8/2021

From a gamers perspective it is comparable to a speed pad. the mouse glides effortlessly for tracking. I would recommend for games like Apex , might want to lower your sensitivity for games like Valorant

Jeffrey Pak

So silky smooth...

Reviewed on 12/8/2021

Highly recommend! 10/10 can spend all day rubbing the pad.

Sergio Figueroa


Reviewed on 12/8/2021

From the packaging to the quality of the mousepad nothing was cheaped out I would 100% buy another. my mouse glides across this with ease my last mousepad was 15 dollar amazon one that wore out in 3 months.


Bigger Than Expected

Reviewed on 12/22/2021

Didn't knew it would be a bigger than I thought. Thought it was the size of TCG mats but its much bigger. Quality is good and love the edges.

Tony Ng

Awesome pad

Reviewed on 12/23/2021

I was in the market for a new pad and this one is terrific! super slick and really quality material.

Michael G

really glides!

Reviewed on 12/25/2021

A+ on packaging The pad itself feels substantial and very high quality, and my mouse really does glide over the surface. I can't say I've ever felt my mouse move across a pad this smoothly (though to be fair, I've only had the cheaper pads over the years). Get it!

Ben L

Product received for Free

Reviewed on 01/6/2022

This thing is comically large. Not a single person I showed it to didn't immediately say "but why is it so big?". The package it came in is a rather high quality tube, and the mat itself is rather thick, sticks in place on my glass desk pretty well, and so far has been a lot more reliable in my mouse tracking properly than the old mat I replaced with this monster. Only downside is it's so big I can't use my standing desk converter anymore cause it wouldn't fit in mouse/keyboard area.


Got it free but worth the money

Reviewed on 01/10/2022

Very nice feeling deskmat, im using it for my keyboard modding station and its pretty sweet. Definitely recommend it, its huge and feels well made.

Rose Beauford


Reviewed on 01/12/2022

Honestly a wonderful mouse pad. It's the perfect size for my desk. Great quality. The packaging is immaculate! Great pricing as well.

Vanessa VanAuken


Reviewed on 01/25/2022

Silky smooth, aesthetically beautiful. Love the stitched edges! I will be using this mousepad for a while. 10/10

Dave Rojas


Reviewed on 01/28/2022

It's nice and glidy, smooth and stiched



Reviewed on 02/21/2022

it came and it was good

Brandon Martinez

Pure Quality

Reviewed on 03/18/2022

The packaging is fantastic! The deskpad is one of the best feelings you can experince trust me.

Lofi Express

Review after 4 months

Reviewed on 04/8/2022

I wanted to give this review later on to give a more genuine review. I have been using this desk pad for the past 4 months and it is very good quality. It has nice glide and it has not shown any signs of wear. Usually cheap desk pads start to deteriorate after a few months and this desk pad still looks and feels brand new.


Desk Pad

Reviewed on 06/19/2022

Desk Pad came in nice packaging, no folds or creasing. Overall it is very smooth, great grip on the back, perfect friction between the mouse, (seems good for games like val & apex) and with the edges sewn it seems very durable. Color scheme works very well and being so large it is able to cover the majority of any desk.


Hyte desk pad

Reviewed on 06/22/2022

I was in love when I saw this product online but it came in a nice wrap and it is huge. Really love it! Thank you Hyte for sponsoring this desk pad :)

Pranav Adi

Amazing quality

Reviewed on 08/21/2022

Shipping was very fast, quality is astonishing, and the product is exactly what is shown in the pictures


Best pad ever!

Reviewed on 01/9/2023

Okay so i have a custom marble top desk which is cool and all BUT it gets super cold and freezes my forearms when i type. I bought this pad and it completely fixed my issue for me. Its nice, durable, and doesnt stain easily.

Juan Zavala